Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yer Serve, Arrg

This survey was written like a pirate, sort of.

I answered some of its questions.

First name: D’
Last name: MANN
Middle name: Masqued
First celeb-crush:
What work do y’do: Fight Injustice and Masturbate
What isyabe ‘fraid of: Gavin Newsome's Hair
Do y’smoke: Like a chimney
Dost thou drink: I'm drinking now.
Any siblings: The Masked Sisterling and the Brethren of Despair
Favorite things to do: Pose naked
How many tattoos: I don't know. Can't count the ones they put on my back while I was passed out.

Be ye Shy or outgoing:

Are ye be a rebel or followeth the rules do ye: REBEL YELL. More More More
Favourite colour:
Something y’ hate: an innate ability to know just when to tell you to STFU
Name a talent ye’ve got: My underwater bathtub farts sound exactly like a killer whale

What kind of shoes ya wear: Sealskin
Have any pets: Penthouse, the last 6 years worth. Under my bed.
Who ya dating right now: STFU!
What didja study at college: Hard Nox.
What colour's yer room: White, with a jackalope on the wall.
What be yer worst habit: Sleepwalking with Chainsaws.
If ye were to be stranded on a desert island, what wouldja bring: A California blonde. So as her roots filled in and she reverted to brunette I could watch her transform. That would be beautiful.


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